Animal Floats

10 Products Updated on Jun 20, 2018

From unicorns to giant ducks who doesn’t love to make a splash at the pool with an animal themed pool float.

Take a seat on this peacock that is over 7 feet long. You’ll have blast lounging on this giant peacock float at a…

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There’s nothing like a chicken fight in the pool with 3 of your buddies. Well now you can have a chicken fight with…

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One of nature’s most colorful animals this flamingo raft is sure to make a colorful splash in any pool.

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Probably the most popular pool float of all time. Who wouldn’t love this giant elegant swan relaxing in their pool.

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When it comes to majesty, this pool float pretty much has it covered. The Unicorn Pool float from GoFloats is about as majestic…

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Check out our collection of awesome pool floats sure to be a laugh at the next pool party. With pool rafts ranging from pizza to wine these will make a fun addition at the pool, beach, or even just a party.