A beer at the pool on a beer at the pool! This realistic looking beer pool float will get the party started. Best…

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Bring some delicious red wine to the pool with his hilarious bottle of wine pool float. Perfect for showing your love of wine…

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Funny Pool Floats

Check out our collection of awesome pool floats sure to be a laugh at the next pool party. With pool rafts ranging from pizza to wine these will make a fun addition at the pool, beach, or even just a party.

Bring breakfast to the pool with this giant fried egg pool float. Pairs well with the bacon raft for a full breakfast.

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Who doesn’t love avocados! Every party needs a bit of Guac goodness and this Avocado Pool Float will bring a fresh taste to…

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Bring the pizza to the party with this giant pizza slice pool float designed to look like a classic slice of supreme pizza,…

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Take a seat on this peacock that is over 7 feet long. You’ll have blast lounging on this giant peacock float at a…

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